Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Kayley!

I can't believe I haven't posted a thing since February! Not quite sure what I have been doing....
But today is Kayley Alice-Renee's 2nd Birthday and I am such a happy mom! So blessed that she is such a fire-cracker!!! Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love you so very much!

"I twooo"

Friday, February 26, 2010

B and K

Our little Curious George.

"What's it gonna be - TEAMWORK" - yeah, all you moms know what I'm talking about!

"Are these on sale mom?" - our thrifty shopper.

This is classic Kayley right now - Ask her to make her"face" and this is what she comes up with!

A visit from Teja and Ryah!

Grandma's Girls - with matching jammies.

Teja is practicing her new designer line, coming summer 2010!
Silly Ryah and Brady, while off in the distance, Kayley waiting to show her new outfit.

And, for the finishing touches!

Just some random pics!

My Forever Valentine!

The glue of the family! Mima and Papa!

Gettin' Crazy!

Our Diva!

Star Wars is HUGE right now! Brady with his buddies, patiently waiting to "battle" with their dads!

All Together...

A surprise 70th birthday party for Papa Curt brought us all together - just the 21 of us!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Stitch in Time!

It was only a matter of time. There have been so many close calls, and we even mentioned the other day - we have been pretty lucky that there haven't been any major accidents with the kids...that is until now!
It was like any other nornmal day, the kids were playing Star Wars legos (that's the new cool thing these days) and they were using the dining room table as their fort, and the chairs as the Star Wars ships "docking stations". No horse play - no running around - everything was clam, boys were using inside voices. The last thing on my mind was that in a matter of seconds Brady's forehead would be split wide open by a dining room table chair.
So where was mom and Kayley - I had Kayley up on the counter - fixing that crazy hair of hers like I do everyday.
When Brady ran around the corner crying, I saw his forehead and immediately knew we needed to get him to a doctor. I called Tony, "Get Home Now", as he was at work, and then I called my amazing neighbor across the street. She was here within a matter of seconds! I was trying to get Brady to show her his forehead - and she just calmly said, "you know, I think I will get Kayley off the counter first". OH BOY - in all that I had forgot that Kayley was still on the counter! Lesson Learned: make sure all kids are safe before handling an emergency.
Anyways, I have attached some pictures of the aftermath. We are happy to report that 3 stitches later, a Yoda figurine and a Obi-wan-kanobi figurine with a speeder spaceship from Toys R Us - Brady was back to his normal, funny, crazy, happy self within a matter of hours!
Thank goodness it was only 3 stitches!

Warning: pictures not for the squeamish!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas 2009

It never works...trying to get them both to smile for the camera at the same time. Someone is always off. Hence, no family Christmas picture by the tree. Pretty much close to impossible.

My cousin Laura and I with our AMAZING grandma Alice!

All the kids with grammy!

Christmas with the Larsen's

Ryah still not too sure about that uncle Tony!

The hostess with the mostess!
She prepared an awesome Christmas dinner for all of us!

Kayley all "wrapped" up in the moment!

"Ring around the Rosie..."

Santa arrived...barely!

So just how many of Santa's elves find themselves in similar situations...

...that cute little kitchen over to the right took about 4.5 hours to put together.
I think the elves went to bed around 2:30 Christmas morning. But, so worth the excitement in the morning!

It may be just as much Brady's Kitchen as it is Kayley's Kitchen!

Kayley super excited to open her stocking!

"No time for pictures mom" as Brady and Kayley both completely sidetracked!

Christmas Eve 2009

We spent Christmas Eve with our Cousins Abigail and Rachel.

Abigail and Brady cheesin' it up!

Rachel wants no part in hugs

"Brady? What did you just do?"

Mima and Kayley

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ryah is Two!

We are at such a fun age with our kids! They make us laugh all day, and Ryah's day was no exception! She was a crack up and so stinkin' cute! Happy Birthday Ryah! We love you!

How precious!

Ryah with her padres!

careful, precise and utinsils!

messy, don't care, fingers!

Ryah's favorite Auntie!

Bday fun!

Our friend Kellen turned two in November! He had a fun bday at the jump/gymnastics gym! Happy Birthday Kellen!

Moniques nephew Cooper, Angie's baby Kellen and Kayley and Brady in the background...this was the only shot I could get with the 4 of them together!


"Kayley, Kayley, Kayley the Explorer!"


The Larsen clan took a trip to Manzanita - I guess the camera only came out on the beach, but it was a fun weekend of food, games, football and NERTS!

Phil and Ryah braving the waves!

Not really sure about this, something is very wrong here!

Again, not really sure what's going on here!

"kinda stormy out here gramps!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's been a while...

Has it almost been 3 months since our last post???? Time is getting away from us very quickly! We have had such a busy fall, and our camera is on it's very last leg, so we haven't taken lots of pictures, but here are a few of the kiddos! We are happy to announce that this year for Halloween Brady asked to be BUZZ Lightyear! Yes folks, BUZZ - not Wendy, not Tinkerbell, but BUZZ! We seized that opportunity quickly and headed for the store!

Could he be any happier?

Here is our littlest Beaver Fan!

Monday, August 03, 2009

My Grandma and I

The most amazing grandmother one could ask for! I love her dearly!

Family Reunion

Another rare family photo

The guys...

Grandma and Kayley

Kayley just being funny

Enjoying time with grandma Alice!